In 1994, Netscape was developed. Netscape was the fastest growing software company ever. After Netscape caught on, Microsoft entered the browser field with its Internet Explorer.


What is a BROWSER? Netscape is the browser software we use in class to view documents on the Internet, specifically, on the World Wide Web. Netscape is like a pair of eyes to view the world. It is not the Internet itself – just the tool used to look at it and participate in it.


The easiest way to go to a site on the Web is to just type the name in the browser’s ADDRESS BOX. Or you can click the arrow next to the address box. It gives a list of the pages you can go back to. List of addresses usually lasts about 15 days, but you can change the time in the browser’s “Preferences”.


BACK BUTTON (upper left-hand corner): click to move backwards; click again and go back one step further.


FORWARD BUTTON: Click the down arrow and it gives the pages you can move forward to.


When you want to go back to the first page, click the HOME BUTTON.



MOUSE: This is a mouse. Three buttons. Right/left/rolling thing. A wheel mouse has the wheel. The left button is action; right button gives you information to make something happen.


Click” always means the left button. “Right Click” means use the right button.


Two kinds of clicks:

            a. Single (just says click)

            b. Double click (most often a single click is all that is necessary. If it requires a double-click, I will say double click on...).


SCREEN: called the “DESKTOP”.


Grey things at the bottom of the desktop are located on the TASK BAR.


START BUTTON:  Every program on the computer can be accessed from here.


The box on the right of the Task Bar” called the SYSTEM TRAY. The pictures (ICONS) in the System Tray represent programs running on the computer in the background. These programs are keeping the computer doing what it is supposed to be doing.


Put the Mouse over the time shown in the System Tray and you can see the day of the week and the date. Click on the time to change it.


The blue line across the top of the browser is the TITLE BAR. It gives the title of the program running in the Window.


In the upper right-hand corner is a minus sign, a double box and an “x”. The minus sign reduces the screen to an icon on the bottom task bar, the double box cuts the size of the screen in half (use this when you want to run more than one program at the same time), and the “x” clears everything from the screen.


The next gray bar at the top is the MENU BAR. If you click on any one of the icons, a menu pops down (file/edit/tools).


The next gray bar is the TOOL BAR .


VERTICAL SCROLL BAR on the right – allows us to access and see more of the page. Can be used three ways:

            1. Scroll – move a line at a time by clicking the bottom arrow.

            2. Click once in the scroll box.

            3. Hold the button and pull it down the scroll bar.


HORIZONTAL SCROLL BAR is on the bottom. The Horizontal scroll bar works in the same way as the Vertical Scroll Bar.


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