Some mailing lists can flood your mailbox with messages. Therefore, keep your subscription e-groups and lists at a minimum, and reserve your computer-reading time for information you really need and/or are interested in.


SUGGESTIONS: When you join a list, “lurk” for a couple of days so that you can get a feel for what kind of questions are asked, and what topics are off-limits. Don’t post to the list until you feel comfortable.


See if there is a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) or an Archive for the List. Active members can get annoyed when they see repeated questions.


Most often, when you sign up for a new group you will receive a “Welcome” from the listowner with the group’s etiquette guidelines. If you don’t follow these rules, you will probably be removed from the List.


Don’t use the discussion as a vent for pent-up feelings and opinions. Stay focused on the point. If a “thread” begins that you feel is out of place, don’t respond to it. Responding will only perpetuate it.


If you are going on vacation, or you are overwhelmed with schoolwork, temporarily unsubscribe or suspend your mail until you have more time. Or, you can go on “Digest”. This means all your messages from one group on one day are combine in one message.


Adjust the Preferences in your e-mail program so that your response does not include repeating the original message. And, if you post the same messages to more than one group, insert an apology.


Be clear on the difference between “Reply All” and “Reply”. If you are responding with a message to the entire List click “Reply All” – if responding to the author of the message only click “Reply”.



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